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Day 1 of Reigisa Week: First Kiss

I’m going to be honest with you guys I don’t see Rei and Nagisa’s first kiss as a romantic event. I don’t see Rei confessing his love to Nagisa (or visa versa) and then the two kiss right then and there … sex possibly following minutes afterwards.

Nope. I imagine their first kiss would be more awkward and realistic. I imagine these two dating for a week or so before it actually happened. They would be at Rei’s apartment lounging on his bed while he helped Nagisa with some homework. I imagine that at one point the two end up looking each other dead in the face and can’t stop staring. Then their face slowly come together and their lips touch for a few seconds before breaking apart. I imagine neither expect such a spontaneous mutual first kiss and end up extremely flustered, both apologizing and hiding their faces from each other in embarrassment.
their outfits are based off the ones from ep. 4

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